Multiple Blockchains

Access all public blockchains or private distributed ledger networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, EOS, Cosmos, Burst, and Hyperledger Fabric utilizing secure, reliable, and scalable node infrastructure.


Multiple Distributed File Systems

Access all distributed file system networks such as IPFS, Filecoin, Sia, Maidsafe, CloudBurst, and Storj reducing the risk of data loss on centralized services.


Easy to use API

Enterprise-grade data integrity solutions that leverage the distributed power of blockchains to seal, verify and exchange trusted data at massive scale without worrying about wallets with a simple and easy to use REST-API.

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Data Integrity.

The future of organizing data integrity requires a layer of immutable verification and proof. Permastore provides a permanent and tamper proof record of any type of data including human resource, health records, legal, and compliance documents.

Regulatory Compliance.

Your data needs to meet regional regulatory compliance requirements, and in the absence of specific government regulations, industry-specific best practices. We work with domain specific professionals to ensure your requirements such as GDPR, HIPPA, SEC, SOX, and many more are up to industry standards.

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